Dartmouth/MUHAS IRB Training Collaboration

The overall goal of our project is to establish new and strengthen existing expertise in IRB management and training among research scientists, faculty, health care providers and other professionals at MUHAS and throughout Tanzania. Dartmouth has a long-standing collaboration with the MUHAS Research Ethics Committee (REC) and this grant will allow us to assist the REC to the next step in development. Further, Dartmouth has established research and training collaborations in Tanzania on which to build innovative IRB support programs.

The specific aims are to:

  • Establish a new electronic IRB management, tracking and monitoring database system at MUHAS. This will be a user-friendly yet powerful system that can handle the necessary documentation required for an efficient IRB.  Initial training will be provided by Dartmouth and long-term training and support will be built into the sustainability plan.
  • Develop a series of joint videoconference review sessions and training workshops for the Dartmouth IRB and the MUHAS REC. These sessions will improve the competencies of both committees in order to more effectively process research protocols that are being undertaken by both universities.
  • Organize a short-term training program at Dartmouth for the MUHAS REC administrator on use of the new electronic IRB database.  This program will be held the week before the 2010 PRIM&R conference that she will also attend as part of the training exchange. The learning experiences provided by the program and conference will also support the development of a new comprehensive IRB management program to be used in Tanzania for the benefit of faculty, staff, and researchers.
  • Create a novel rapid-review sub-committee for collaborative review and monitoring of new and significant modifications of research protocols being conducted at Dartmouth and MUHAS.
  • Leverage opportunities to sustain the new innovative systems put into place at the MUHAS REC.
  • Cultivate and grow the on-going partnership between the Dartmouth IRB and MUHAS REC through sustainable and interactive program development.

Kim Mwamelo

Kim Mwamelo

Kim Mwamelo, MPH '17, leads the TDI graduation procession at Dartmouth's Commencement ceremony.