Fogarty Executive Committee

The Dartmouth/Boston University Fogarty Program is directed by Dr. von Reyn with support from a core group of faculty known as the DBU Fogarty Executive Committee that includes Drs. Charles Wira, Gerald O'Connor, Richard Waddell (secretary) and Lisa Adams at Dartmouth, Dr. Robert Horsburgh at Boston University and Dr. Kisali Pallangyo in Tanzania. The Committee will meet monthly (alternating between Dartmouth and Boston) to assess the Program and track the status of current and former trainees. The Committee will review training and research progress and reassess priorities for both on a regular basis and formally every six months with a report to the Training Advisory Group.

von_reynC. Fordham von Reyn, M.D. Dr. von Reyn is the Program Director and has overall responsibility for the Program including selection of candidates, matching trainees to programs and mentors, assessment of trainee progress, fiscal oversight, and liaison with other participating institutions and faculty. Dr. von Reyn is Professor of Medicine and Chief, Section ofInfectious Disease and International Health, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. Dr von Reyn has conducted three sequential NIH-funded research studies on HIV-associated mycobacterial infections in Africa and these studies were the first to demonstrate the high rate of unrecognized and untreated M. tuberculosis bacteremia among hospitalized patients with AIDS in Africa. He has conducted parallel studies in the US, Zambia and Finland with an inactivated whole cell mycobacterial vaccine for the prevention of HIV-associated tuberculosis. During a recent sabbatical with the Vaccine Branch, National Public Health Institute of Finland, he conducted a review of that country's BCG immunization policy which led to a recommendation for the country to move from universal to selective BCG immunization. Dr. von Reyn has served as a consultant to the World Health Organization on AIDS in Africa, vaccines in HIV infection and vaccines against tuberculosis. He is a member of the Tuberculosis Committee of the Infectious Disease Society of America. He has served as Acting Chairman, Department of Medicine, and has twice received the DMS faculty teaching award. He has mentored numerous fellows in Infectious Disease.

Epidemiology-chair-and-professor-C.-Robert-Horsburgh-240x300C. Robert Horsburgh Jr., M.D., M.U.S. Dr. Horsburgh is Co-Program Director for the training site at Boston University. He will have responsibility for mentoring trainees, matching trainees to programs, assessing trainee progress, and organizing group training programs. Dr. Horsburgh is Professor of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Medicine and Chairman of the Department of Epidemiology at BU School of Public Health. His current research interests include epidemiological studies of HIV, including HIV/TB interactions, HIV and TB vaccine trials, and drug trials for the treatment and prevention of TB in HIV-infected persons. Dr. Horsburgh is the PI of a NIH-funded prospective cohort study of HCV-HIV interactions that is examining clinical, epidemiologic and immunologic parameters of HIV+/HCV+, HIV+/HCV- and HIV-/HCV+ subjects. He is a co-investigator on a project investigating the effects of alcohol and HCV on HIV infection (NIAAA RO1-AA13766, Samet -PI). Dr. Horsburgh is also studying the interactions of HIV, TB, M. avium and syphilis in a community-based study in rural Florida. He is also a Principal Investigator in the CDC-funded Tuberculosis Epidemiologic Studies Consortium, a co-investigator in the NIH-funded Boston AIDS Clinical Trials Group, and a co-investigator in the CDC-funded Tuberculosis Clinical Trials Consortium. Finally, Dr. Horsburgh is the Principal Investigator and Director of the Boston University Clinical HIV/AIDS Research Training Program (NIH T32; award pending). While at Emory University he was a faculty member for the AITRP at that institution. Dr. Horsburgh has extensive experience in mentoring MD and non-MD clinical research trainees.

11c_DarDar_2006Kisali Pallangyo, M.D., M. Med. Dr. Pallangyo is Co-Program Director in Tanzania with responsibility for recruitment and selection of candidates, liaison with Dartmouth and Boston University, administrative and other support of trainees and faculty in Tanzania, and facilitation of placement in long term research positions for Program trainees. Dr. Pallangyo is Professor of Medicine and former Dean, Faculty of Medicine at Muhimibili University College of Health Sciences (MUHAS); he currently holds the appointment as Principal at MUHAS. Dr. Pallangyo is a widely recognized authority on HIV infection in Africa and serves as a member of the WHO WHO/UNAIDS Vaccine Advisory Board and is Chair of the Clinical Sub-committee for Tanzania¹s National AIDS Control Program. He is a co-Principal Investigator for the DARDAR Health Study. His research has focused on opportunistic infections associated with HIV/AIDS including Kaposi¹s sarcoma, disseminated and pulmonary tuberculosis, and dermatologic complications, as well as the epidemiology and natural history of HIV in Tanzania.

Kim Mwamelo

Kim Mwamelo

Kim Mwamelo, MPH '17, leads the TDI graduation procession at Dartmouth's Commencement ceremony.